94 Thermal Efficiency Cast Iron Boilers

94 Thermal Efficiency Cast Iron Boilers

July Anyang, sunshine. High-tech inject vitality into this piece of land, full of vitality. July 13, Anyang city government reporter who entered the fast 94 thermal efficiency cast iron boilers, in-depth understanding of this high-tech enterprises. In a variety of advanced multimedia platforms vivid Group R & D Center Exhibition Hall, human-computer interaction, virtual reality, interactive projection, and display a low nitrogen, condensation, wings tubes, finned tubes, FGR, premix boiler and other industries advanced technology, people may feel a sense of infinite shock. Mr. Lu Haigang Group President introduced to: "The company set up 20 years ago, the road of innovation and invention wider and wider, 2012 has been made of 105 patents." In recent years, fast boiler also to the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology as a breakthrough point, and strive to make improvements for the boiler service life cycle, the introduction of cloud services platform 3.0, within a real-time monitoring of boiler equipment fast nationwide more than 4,600 Taiwan side.

Which is good industrial gas industrial gas steam 94 thermal efficiency cast iron boilers steam boiler Which is better? Whether pre-industrial production and present industrial production, are inseparable from the steam, the difference is based on pre-generated steam coal-based steam production now is gas-based. Now companies in the procurement of gas or steam boiler manufacturer to be based, not simply to consider the price, because of the low cost price, then the pre-procurement costs, although a bit low, but the operating cost savings later than it is now also Many. Recently, an industrial manufacturers to fast boiler advice to purchase a gas steam boiler, the reason for consulting fast boiler, pre also consulted many people, I think fast boiler brand awareness is very good. So, for the understanding of these, it is the product of a consultation to fast boiler. After this, the fast boiler technician to conduct a detailed understanding of the industrial enterprises, the company concluded with four tons of a gas steam boiler is to meet production. For boilers corporate procurement must be carried out to better understand the details of steam boilers for industrial gas Which.

Small series for you to explain the 94 thermal efficiency cast iron boilers flue gas temperature in the waste heat recovery boiler is typically 120 ℃ ~ 350 ℃, flue gas 7% to 25% and 15% of the sensible heat of the latent heat utilization can not be discharged directly into the atmosphere. Not only does this cause a lot of energy waste also increased the thermal pollution of the environment; on the one hand, we have designed a highly efficient flue gas heat recovery process can not only meet the domestic hot water or heating water needs can be cooled to a boiler flue gas temperature 100 such that the boiler efficiency was significantly improved. On the other hand, also for the country blue sky environmental protection industry to make its due contribution. Waste heat recovery boiler is a reference energy superconducting heat pipe technology, having a flue gas heat recovery efficiency proprietary. It is a device specially designed discharge of condensed water, the condensed water generated during condensation timely discharged, so as to avoid the evaporation of the secondary condensed water, the recovered heat recovery efficiency is ensured, the system has been patented . Using the new fin heat boiler, heat exchanger components, and the condensed water drain structure can be sufficiently recovered latent heat in the flue gas, the exhaust gas temperature can be reduced to 40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃; the total pressure drop is small, low power consumption, i.e., flue gas pressure drop and meets the system requirements. As a result of the heat exchange element and a reasonable efficient structural arrangement, making the product light weight, small size, appearance. Boiler flue gas condenser heat exchange tube made of stainless steel corrosion efficiently. In the production apparatus to take full account of the thermal stress, strength and corrosion resistance, it is possible to ensure the safety of equipment, reliable and stable. Generally one to two years can recover the installation of the equipment investment cost, energy-saving benefit is available after two years, can bring significant economic benefits for the user. Due to the special structure of the boiler flue gas heat recovery device can effectively reduce noise emissions from the boiler flue gas. Since the flue gas becomes part of condensed water vapor, the gas can be made part of the harmful NOx in the flue gas and the like is dissolved, reducing harmful gases into the atmosphere. Heat recovery boiler can be assembled on the upper, narrow occupied space, condensed water generated in the heat transfer surface may also be naturally discharged. Flue gas resistance is small, little effect on the original boiler exhaust systems, most of the boiler room without increasing the induced draft fan or increasing stack height.

Third, within the gas leaking 94 thermal efficiency cast iron boilers drum: the higher cost of repair costs, mainly to see the orientation and size of the leak leak location, if presented oozing red old boiler pot of water, the water quality is presented to clarify this issue, probably because of low alkalinity may high dissolved oxygen in water to form a metal corrosion. Low alkalinity of sodium hydroxide or trisodium phosphate capable of adding water to the pot, the high dissolved oxygen in water to form a metal corrosion. Low alkalinity of sodium hydroxide or trisodium phosphate capable of adding water to the pot, high dissolved oxygen in water to be processed through the deaerator.

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94 Thermal Efficiency Cast Iron Boilers

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