Gas Vacuum Water Tube Boiler For Sale

Gas Vacuum Water Tube Boiler For Sale

Hot water boiler furnace provisions of this kind of start and stop hot water boiler and what kind of steps required boiler blowdown, which is both a product and a website keywords website, it is necessary to be familiar with and understand, and to achieve this comprehensive degree, so as to achieve the proper use and rational use of the product, and then to have good economic benefits, at the same time, it also benefits from some of the harvest and inspiration. 1.29MW hot water boiler, which is equivalent to how many tons of hot water boiler? Hot water boiler, if it is 29MW, it indicates the rated capacity of the heating boiler, is 29 MW / hr per 1 ton 0.7Mw approximately equal to the standard in terms of words, 29MW equivalent to 40 tons, so that, 29MW hot water boiler, which is equivalent to 40 tons of hot water boiler, however, this is only a estimate. 2. The hot water boiler start-up and shutdown, and whether the provisions of the steps? Startup and shutdown of hot water boiler, which is prescribed steps. The boiler starts, first run of the circulating pump, and then ignite the burner and boiler shutdown, it is the first stop burner, circulation pump run for some time after stopping. However, the mode of operation, the traditional manual operation, as technology continues to develop and progress, been able to achieve computer-controlled operation, instead of manual operation. Furthermore, the steps may be set by the program is good, so that erroneous operation can be avoided. 3. atmospheric and vacuum and hot water boilers, which require a sewage? Hot water boiler pressure boilers and vacuum boilers, boiler during operation requires the sewage operation, for pressure hot water boiler, vacuum hot water boiler does not need to carry out this work, because: pressure hot water boiler, has a water system into the boiler, and the boiler is fired high-temperature water systems supply water softener equipment through post-processing can only remove most of the calcium and magnesium ions in water, but there will be a small amount into the boiler. So, when the calcium and magnesium ions reaches a certain concentration, the need for sewage operations, in order to avoid the presence of these ions, leading to problems with boiler operation. 4. If you know the rated working pressure hot water boilers, how to determine the safety valve set pressure range? Hot water boiler, if it knows the rated working pressure, it is possible to determine the safety valve set pressure range, the pressure on the lower limit value is 1.1 times the working pressure taken, but not less than the operating pressure plus 0.07MPa. Upper limit on the pressure, is taken 1.2 times the working pressure but not less than the operating pressure plus 0.1MPa.

In mid-April, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia issued a notice (hereinafter referred to as the "Program"), "Hohhot tackling air pollution control plan" (2018-2020), the "plan" to win tough fight pollution prevention, to promote air pollution control, as the city to create a pleasant living environment for the development of the measures.

For air pollution control, "plan" set goals. As of 2020, Hohhot air quality more than two days ratio reached 83.8%, fine particles (of PM2.5) concentration of 35 micrograms / cubic meter. Wherein, 2018 Hohhot air quality objectives: good percentage of days to reach 79.5%, fine particles (of PM2.5) concentration of 39.2 micrograms / cubic meter.

Since 2017 to enter the heating season, Hohhot is the air quality continues to improve, has introduced the autumn and winter air pollution in Hohhot comprehensive reform program "," Hohhot 2017--2018 autumn and winter special inspection of comprehensive air pollution control program of work of law enforcement. " "Hohhot 2017--2018 autumn and winter air pollution in the comprehensive management of supervision and inspection plan", "Hohhot environmental Protection Agency checks on the issuance of the work program of the winter heating enterprises notification", "Hohhot City people's government on the issuance of residential heating clean alternative , "and other series of notifications. Key measures to coal-fired boilers for heating and bulk coal governance.

Second, the city's coal-fired boiler coal yard, residue field to achieve full closure transformation; more than 20 tons of steam / h coal-fired boilers have been installed pollution-line monitoring equipment, and networking with the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, established a 24-hour monitoring system.

Through the above measures, Hohhot air quality improved significantly compared to the same period. January 1, 2018 --3 17, good days Hohhot total 66 days, an increase of 4 days last year. Sulfur dioxide concentrations decreased 40.7% over last year, PM2.5 concentration decreased by 20% over the same period last year.

According to (2018-2020) spiritual requirements "Hohhot tackling air pollution control plan", 2018, the Board will eliminate 35 tons of steam utility / h coal-fired boiler room 11 - 15, involves heating an area of ​​3.872 million square meters. Currently the demolition and integration of clean energy and the transformation is complete, out of the task have been put in place, we have been completed out of eight coal-fired boilers and boiler room of the grid work, removal of nine coal-fired boilers (grid yet dismantled three, to electricity yet dismantled three), and has been able to "break two three clear", the remaining boilers will be completed by the end eliminated.

Henan party fast vacuum hot water boiler Price: Although Henan party fast vacuum boiler host higher prices than ordinary hot water boiler, but the use of a vacuum hot water boiler auxiliary equipment can save a lot of investment: plate heat exchanger, heat exchanger volume, cycle pump, expansion tank soft water treatment equipment and so on, it can also save the corresponding pipeline installation fees, accommodation fees auxiliary power system control fees, investment is still lower than the average integrated hot water boiler system. And the service life is 4-6 times the normal atmospheric pressure of the boiler, so as heating equipment investment is very economical.

Selection of elements which can be used to vacuum boiler vacuum boiler fuel: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas. It is recommended to use recycled oil and natural gas, oil and natural gas may be used simultaneously (special order). Different types of fuel cell device quenching machine is different. Load Selection: Select the heating load of the building can not be any budget. It uses the building insulation and interior have a great relationship, but there is very little relationship with the construction area. Pressure selection: warm water, sanitary hot water pressure standard, pressure 0.8MPa. Pressure 0.81 ~ 1.2MPa parts suggested the use of high pressure apparatus. If the pressure is 1.21 ~ 1.6MPa fragmented, the elements should be based on a comprehensive economic and technical analysis was performed using an ultrahigh pressure cell type, or stopping the secondary heat exchanging. If the pressure is more than 1.6MPa, the proposed design two heat exchangers. Location: The unit is running smoothly, almost no vibration, music is small, its location is very convenient room, basement, air, floors, roofs can be used as room use. High-rise buildings, to reduce the unit pressure, the room should be in the middle or top. Ventilation: poorly ventilated room can lead to corrosion and humidity, ventilation room should be more than twice per hour, while the unit consumption of air, according to the calorific value of the fuel consumption of 10,000 calories of 15m3 air budget. Drainage: adhere to the base unit at a higher position in the engine room. All gutters and drains can be seen in the floor drain or drain of the machine room. Set basement sump, submersible pool pump should be set up links. Temperature: controlled at 5 ~ 43 ℃. If the unit is too low, when the unit is shut down, the water tank freezes and brass cracking, damage electrical components of the unit is too high. The room must be equipped with a thermometer and overheating alarm devices.

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Gas Vacuum Water Tube Boiler For Sale

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