Heavy Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler 15 Ton

Heavy Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler 15 Ton

In mid-April, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia issued a notice (hereinafter referred to as the "Program"), "Hohhot tackling air pollution control plan" (2018-2020), the "plan" to win tough fight pollution prevention, to promote air pollution control, as the city to create a pleasant living environment for the development of the measures.

For air pollution control, "plan" set goals. As of 2020, Hohhot air quality more than two days ratio reached 83.8%, fine particles (of PM2.5) concentration of 35 micrograms / cubic meter. Wherein, 2018 Hohhot air quality objectives: good percentage of days to reach 79.5%, fine particles (of PM2.5) concentration of 39.2 micrograms / cubic meter.

Since 2017 to enter the heating season, Hohhot is the air quality continues to improve, has introduced the autumn and winter air pollution in Hohhot comprehensive reform program "," Hohhot 2017--2018 autumn and winter special inspection of comprehensive air pollution control program of work of law enforcement. " "Hohhot 2017--2018 autumn and winter air pollution in the comprehensive management of supervision and inspection plan", "Hohhot environmental Protection Agency checks on the issuance of the work program of the winter heating enterprises notification", "Hohhot City people's government on the issuance of residential heating clean alternative , "and other series of notifications. Key measures to coal-fired boilers for heating and bulk coal governance.

Second, the city's coal-fired boiler coal yard, residue field to achieve full closure transformation; more than 20 tons of steam / h coal-fired boilers have been installed pollution-line monitoring equipment, and networking with the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, established a 24-hour monitoring system.

Through the above measures, Hohhot air quality improved significantly compared to the same period. January 1, 2018 --3 17, good days Hohhot total 66 days, an increase of 4 days last year. Sulfur dioxide concentrations decreased 40.7% over last year, PM2.5 concentration decreased by 20% over the same period last year.

According to (2018-2020) spiritual requirements "Hohhot tackling air pollution control plan", 2018, the Board will eliminate 35 tons of steam utility / h coal-fired boiler room 11 - 15, involves heating an area of ​​3.872 million square meters. Currently the demolition and integration of clean energy and the transformation is complete, out of the task have been put in place, we have been completed out of eight coal-fired boilers and boiler room of the grid work, removal of nine coal-fired boilers (grid yet dismantled three, to electricity yet dismantled three), and has been able to "break two three clear", the remaining boilers will be completed by the end eliminated.

Hot water boiler burner does not fire the three main reasons Henan fast boiler fired hot water boiler 15 ton will appear in the application process or as a small problem like that, a small writing today to tell you the reason water boiler burner does not fire: 1) water boiler burner nozzle does not contain oil pump will supply duct obstruction's sake, do not start the motor smoke, gas leaks and other pipeline being empty. The case of the oil pump can be pressed to start the motor in accordance with the removable tubing to check Gao, no problem when pumping oil column To spewing out. Hot water boiler is not introduced into the head oil is a reason that there is no access to the oil off solenoid valve. When the power cut solenoid valve is closed, the starter motor is no problem even if the work to do, Gao pressure fuel pump to the supply side is not easy. Only when the control board so cut solenoid valve to supply, gasoline can be eliminated. Its purpose is to avoid the exposure to gasoline with the furnace fire for light generation blasting. Generally, when the ignition, the first burner to carry out the pre-blowing, blowing clean residual gas in the combustion chamber, followed by an oil pump ignition. When the pre-blowing part, pump motor operation, cut solenoid valve disconnected from the supply, an outer fuel pump pressure Gao extracted oil solenoid valve is cut off Bunengdaoda nozzle. 2) No ignition voltage Gao connect the supply when the ignition transformer, causing pressure of about 8kv Gao and Gao pressure across the gap between the power level, cause significant flames, pilot fuel mist. When the flame lit steady, no longer have to fire ignition, flame controller flames circumstances message to the control panel, the ignition transformer termination of work to do. Gao pressure is not generated because of a fire, the ignition transformer is not connected to a power supply (or will be co-line circuit board in a loose fuse); two intermediate stages is two thermoelectric grounded due to poor soot, Gao pressure leakage, not to cause sparks. Intermediate grade electrical sparking spacing of about 3mm, electrical sparking head and the rear end of the intermediate stage spacing of about 5-7mm. Always excellent intermediate stage two electrically grounded. 3) water boiler burners to start the motor after a long low water pressure after damage, start the motor of a large pressure will gradually decrease, resulting in poor pump suction fog, sparking tough, sewage after sparking a lot of smoke, flames unstable, adjust the water pressure to start the motor useless. Head embrittlement, resulting in poor absorption fog effect, rather similar. You already understand the reason burner hot water boiler does not fire up. It dealt with the problem when your furnace?

Hot water boiler fuel oil fired hot water boiler 15 tons brief automatic control system has a high-tech, with a number of security devices, water protection, overpressure protection, flame protection, abnormal pressure protection, over-temperature flue protection; structure using tech, having a body holding a small, compact and easy to install, easy to operate, automatically adjust the pressure of the fuel to the atomizing, a slight positive pressure of the combustion so that fuel combustion and then more fully, and to reduce the loss of the fuel gas discharge, modern industrial steam is the most convenient and most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly standard products. The need for comprehensive maintenance of the gas hot water boiler gas hot water boiler for normal use, to do regular inspection and maintenance, however, has been used for a three-year-old boiler, we must conduct a more comprehensive repair work. 1, carrying out comprehensive maintenance check, the first thing to be clear inside the boiler ditch and sludge, after using water to rinse these ditches and sludge. 2, the boiler for burning site, there will be a large amount of soot and fouling, but also in such substances when overhaul, the cleanup process. 3, because the gas hot water boiler is used in metal processing and production, but also a lot of contact with water or steam, it is inevitable there will be erosion situation, when the boiler overhaul, to the corrosion phenomena boiler maintenance treatment Finally, we need to do to level the boiler fire boiler use paint protection to prevent future corrosion conditions.

What are the precautions in the loading and installation of gas-fired steam boilers?

Gas-fired steam boilers are a very wide range of special equipments, widely used in food, chemical, paper, textile, construction and other industries. In the process of loading and installing a gas steam boiler, some problems must be paid attention, otherwise it may cause a certain degree of economic loss.

1. Pay attention to the following matters during the loading and unloading and handling of gas-fired boilers: the lifting capacity of the lifting equipment should match the weight of the lifting boiler. The lifting lug on the boiler with the lifting lugs that cannot be used for lifting can not be used for lifting. The length of the steel cord should be reasonably selected to avoid the scratching of the furnace due to the improper length of the steel cord. The boiler must be protected from any damage during handling and handling.

2. Reserves for maintenance space When installing boilers, ensure that there is sufficient maintenance space around the boiler.

3. Setting and precautions for the base and base of the gas steam boiler The boiler body must be installed on the basis of 100-150mm above the floor of the boiler room. It must be confirmed with the technical personnel of the boiler manufacturing company in advance and constructed according to the basic drawings. The anchor bolts must be reserved on the foundation. The foundation shall be capable of withstanding the maximum weight of the boiler and the amount of water it holds. When installing the base, you must first position it. After positioning, adjust to the same length of the two diagonals of the base, and then tighten all the fixing bolts. The installation of the base is carried out with reference to the reference line.

4, general precautions Be careful not to tilt and impact the boiler and accessories too much. No combustibles can be placed around the boiler. Do not use oil and water to smother the boiler. The boiler should normally be installed in a separate boiler room. The new gas-fired boiler room should not be connected to the house. The boiler room shall not be connected to Class A, Class B and Category C fire hazard rooms using flammable liquids. If connected to other production plants, the application firewall is separated.

5. The fire resistance grade and fire protection requirements of the boiler house building shall comply with the requirements of the Code for Fire Protection of Building Design and the Code for Fire Protection Design of High-rise Civil Buildings. The ground of the gas steam boiler room should be flat, non-flammable, no water accumulation, and the foundation load should meet the requirements. The power supply voltage of the gas steam boiler room should be stable to avoid causing the electrical components to burn out. If the voltage is unstable, it is recommended to install a voltage regulator. Ventilation equipment should be installed in the boiler room, and the boiler should be kept at room temperature below 50 °.

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Heavy Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler 15 Ton

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